About Us

SARAL POINT e-SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED is a leading India based e-Governance, Software and Affiliate Marketing company focused on delivering the best and most cost-effective solutions to our clients .We are providing our services for resident all India. Our commitment is to shape out new careers for all associated with us directly or indirectly.

With over 8 years of combined management experience in the fields of Technology, Consulting, e-Governance and e-Commerce SARAL POINT aim to provide e-solutions in genres like e-Governance, e-Commerce, FI and e-Kyc to name a few.


Our vision to employment generation and empower the youth with internet entrepreneurial opportunities while contributing to country’s growth..


The mission is to facilitate in the transformation of Indian villages into socially stimulating, self-sustaining, growth-oriented communities. We believe that to achieve this transformation it is necessary to have a holistic approach, where all aspects of challenges in rural life are addressed.

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